• For Sale Murrumbidgee Irrigation High Security (Wet) 35ML @ $7,350/ML

  • For Sale Murrumbidgee Irrigation High Security (Dry) 190ML @ $7,100/ML

  • WANTED TO BUY - 1000ML Lachlan River Permanent Water Entitlements General Security

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  2. 8th Annual Water Auction Damon Leigh 13-Feb-2020
  3. New Permanent Listing - High Security Wilks Water Admin 29-Oct-2018
  4. New Permanent Listing - General Security Wilks Water Admin 29-Oct-2018
  5. New Permanent Listing - General Security Wilks Water Admin 29-Oct-2018

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Temporary Water

Murrumbidgee Valley 

250ML @ $65.00/ML

1000ML @ $60.00/ML

Supplementary Water Access for Murrumbidgee

WaterNSW has announced a supplementary event for the Murrumbidgee commencing 2nd November 2020. More information on the available water can be found at:


Wilks Water can assist with your Supplementary Water Needs. Should you have any questions, want to buy or sell supplementary water, call the Wilks Water Team today.

Tom - 0428 694 608        Office - 02 6931 8522

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    Current Allocations - 01/12/2020

    Murrumbidgee High Security  95%
    Murrumbidgee General Security 76% 
    NSW Murray General Security 40%  
    Lachlan Valley General Security 38%
    VIC Murray High Reliability 83%  
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    Dam Levels - 30/11/2020

    S= Steady | F= Falling | R= Rising
    Burrinjuck Dam 87.7% F
    Blowering Dam 89.7% R
    Wyangala Dam 65.3% S
    Hume Dam 75.0% F
    Dartmouth Dam 60.8% R

    Tom Wilks | Water Broker

    Tom Wilks has been successfully brokering sales of Permanent and Temporary Water Transfers in Murrumbidgee, Murray and Lachlan Valleys for the past twenty years. Tom has the knowledge and expertise to effectively and efficiently help with all your water trading requirements.

    Tom Wilks is a member of the Australian Water Brokers Association (AWBA). The Associations primary role is to set and maintain the highest standards of professional practice, education, ethics and professional conduct for it members and the broader water broking industry.

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